Who We Are

Craford Benefit Consultants: Commitment to our Customers

A letter from Mike Craford, Managing Principal

When my father and uncle established our company in 1964, it was about commitment to providing the ultimate in customer service, expertise, and the delivery of outstanding results. As I write this note in 2018, we know that major change will be coming as our clients and their employees deal with a major component of their compensation package . . . healthcare benefits. As an organization and as your consultants we embrace change and the opportunities associated with change. We strive to differentiate ourselves by providing solutions to address this change.

You face complex challenges in an economy that requires a rigorous focus on value. As our national political conversation convenes on health care benefits, we at Craford are dedicated to providing our experience, knowledge and insight in times of change. With offices on both coasts, and customers located in all regions of the country, we offer a comprehensive suite of services. From benefits consulting and evaluation to technology solutions and services, we are eager to serve your human resource needs.

Customer service is a widely-heard, but rarely-practiced term today. Craford’s culture embodies a time when things were a little different: a time when you knew that as a customer, the service you received was defined by competence, attentiveness, and integrity; a time in which accountability was clear and quality was expected. At Craford, such dedication persists - we are here today to serve.

In our more than 50-years, Craford has delivered outstanding results. We have saved businesses like yours millions of dollars that directly impact the bottom line. We have helped transform the mechanisms by which businesses like yours retain top-quality talent. We have addressed highly complex questions like the ones you face by driving solutions and delivering value. These successes, which are ultimately those of our customers, define us.

We would like to begin a conversation with your company about our commitment . . . how we provide service with old-fashioned, high quality customer attention, offer expertise demonstrated by a half century of results, and ultimately, help to grow your business.

This is the Craford commitment.