Dr. Ari Smith Cortz & David Cortz, Formulator & president of Sonoma Cider

"Clint Tripodi and the Craford team are our "go to" when we have to navigate difficult HR situations. He is also our second set of eyes and ears when interviewing for key positions. Clint is thorough and attentive to the culture of our organization and helps us accomplish our HR goals. The consultants at Craford take the time to understand what we need. We receive the results we are seeking and Clint is a key member of our team."

Stephen Lile, Executive Director at Perfect company

"Nick [Gaubatz] and his team at Craford have completely taken over our corporate insurance needs. He's taken on the role of virtual HR department and this has really allowed us to spend our HR capital elsewhere. We've been able to trust Nick to get us the best prices for our basic lines of insurance, and trust his technical advise as well. Nick has especially been effective with work site education for our employees. We've really appreciated his personal touch."

Brenda Coleman, Human resources Manager at Satellite Services Inc.

"Craford Benefit Consultants provides guidance on benefit options with a unique blend of benefit expertise through outstanding customer service and response by means of two highly proficient and responsive Charlotte benefit consultants. The relationship with these two has been invaluable!"

Large U.S. Tire Distributor

"As the largest privately-owned replacement tire distributor in the United States, we recently filed with the SEC to go public. We needed Craford's intense focus on cost-containment and their financial acumen to help us beat cost trends by half. With health benefit increases reaching almost 7% each year over the last 5 years, Craford kept this increase to half the normal rate over the same period. At the same time, they are able to provide affordable and attractive health benefits that help retain our work force."

National Food Processing Company

"The Craford team immediately got to work on a number of key initiatives and after less than six months, Craford reduced Health & Welfare costs by over $430,000, nearly 20% of the total healthcare budget. These savings came with minimal impact to our employees and helped the Private Equity owner achieve the maximum purchase price possible during our recent sale."

Leading Restaurant Chain

"Every year over the last 20 years, Craford effectively and consistently negotiates the renewal with the carrier underwriting staff to provide superior employee benefits which are cost-effective and reasonable for our restaurant staff. Craford continually tests the market for alternatives to validate that our benefits are in line for the employees, the business and the bottom line. With the given Health and Welfare budget, Craford's financial expertise as a partner is invaluable." 

National Property Management Company

"I have found Craford to be very customer oriented and a great all around partner. They have shown a keen ability to 'hear' what the customer wants and develop a measurable and executable plan to address the HR needs of our rapidly expanding business. Their expertise in human resources, organizational development and leadership coaching have added significant value to Laramar."