Property Management Company

Client Description

This Real Estate Group owns and manages residential and commercial real-estate holdings throughout the United States. Their corporate offices are located in Southern California and they currently employ over 500 employees residing in ten states.

Craford Benefit Consultants partnership began in December 2004. Since inception of the partnership, our client employed roughly 60 employees and provided a small group health program. Currently, they have grown to over 500 employees and offers fully-insured and self-funded healthcare plans and are flourishing in the current economy, continuing to grow employee headcount and expand locations across the U.S.


This Real Estate company has a workforce which is transient, multi-lingual, residing in remote locations.  They needed help with assimilating the employee base, providing consistent communications, and working within the confines of a limited budget. The rapid expansion in multiple locations created a need for a streamlined approach to education and administration of benefits and HR programs.

Craford Services

Initially, Craford began providing them overall Human Capital support spanning the life cycle of the employee - including recruiting, on-boarding orientation, training, self-service enrollment and termination. Craford was instrumental in establishing a bilingual (Spanish) technology solution for employees across the U.S. to access reliable information and learn about their HR and Health and Welfare programs. Craford worked to provide consistent messaging and instituted policies and procedures to utilize during crucial employee trainings. Further, Craford provides a multi-lingual Call Center to field Managers and employees requiring more in-depth expertise as it relates to HR and Benefit plans and strategies.


Through the implementation of technology solutions, which supports an engaged workforce and dynamic Management team, Craford has enabled them to remain flexible in their expansion. As an organization across multiple locations in the U.S., Craford eases the burden of expensive fulfillment processing, by offering them optimal HR and Benefit programs. In addition, the Craford multi-lingual Call Center alleviates the requirement for additional HR field headcount by addressing the needs of recruiting, on-boarding and administration of the HR and benefits programs. Craford accomplishes this through best-in-class technology solutions which do not require heavy IT involvement and consequently interface with the current Payroll and HRIS systems, resulting in an overall annual savings.