Private Exchanges and Associations:

Managing the marketing, sales and client-retention of association plans, takes hard-earned experience.  We understand that the development and administration of private exchanges can be a complex landscape.  Through hands-on experience, the team from Craford Benefit Consultants has earned a deep understanding of these complexities. We have clients in multiple states, who have taken a strategic approach to managing their benefits and have worked with us to optimize the unique advantages that exchanges and associations can provide.

With the ongoing rollout of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), small firms are continuing to search for alternative healthcare options.  Along with self-insurance, private-exchanges have been a hot topic for small to midsized employers.  A private-exchange is a framework that communicates group health-insurance to employees.   Specifically, a private-exchange can help your employees identify their best choice of health plan, factor their expenses, provide communication material and enroll them in the plan.  Although the coverage offered can be fully-insured by employers, the ability to self-insure is now available to groups with a minimum of 25 employees. We ensure that Employers within an Association or Private-Exchange are provided with information that will assist them in controlling healthcare spending.  Alternatively, the transparency of self-insuring allows small employers to see where their healthcare dollars are going and to address their rising costs through wellness plans, disease management programs and more.

Private-exchanges are emerging as a way for small employers to offer a customized benefits package to their employees while avoiding “community rating structures”, cost-controls, and ACA tax reduction. Just like with any other benefits decision, choosing the right private-exchange partner is critical.

Explore your options with Craford Benefit Consultants. We offer strategic solutions to meet your health and welfare needs.