Private Equity and Portfolio Services

Craford is uniquely qualified to deliver an integrated range of human capital and benefit services that are specifically targeted for private equity firms and organizations with a portfolio business model.

Our goal is to maximize investor return through cost reduction activities, strategies and administrative efficiencies, while being viewed as a valued business partner. 

Craford Advantages:

  • 12 years of private equity related experience spanning all industries, deal types, employer sizes and locations
  • The autonomy we are provided as a privately held company allows for the customized services, flexibility, and prompt decisions that are required in a dynamic and fast paced business environment
  •  Experienced staff with diverse backgrounds in human capital management, underwriting, brokerage and plan administration who provide exceptional technical and product expertise that is complemented by high levels of responsiveness and creativity
  • Proven track record providing Human Resource (HR) and business strategy
  •  Strong working partnerships with vendors that facilitates superior results

Services Include:

  • Human capital management
  • Health and Welfare consulting  
  • Benefit administration
  • Portfolio purchasing programs
  • Employee benefit and human capital diligence 

At the direction of an operations group, we work with portfolio benefit and finance teams to implement programs that:

  • Satisfy compliance, legal and legislative obligations
  • Increase value of spend while meeting coverage and financial targets
  • Provide scalability and flexibility for possible sale or integration
  • Generate actionable insights on a company’s management
  • Deliver timely and meaningful financial reporting and forecasting
  • Increase employee engagement, retention, and attraction
  • Free up staff to focus on strategic vs transactional issues 

Our Human Capital Management and Health and Welfare consulting groups have been essential to delivering portfolio services that include:

  • Purchasing programs that provide preferred pricing, a dedicated service team, and superior pre-negotiated contractual provisions while allowing for separate contracts and customized coverage levels
  • Health Care reform/legislative compliance audits and impact studies to ascertain risk, coupled with ongoing education, support, planning and strategy to avoid potential fines and penalties
  • Analyzing organizational workflow and implementing/managing cost effective web solutions that streamline cumbersome benefits administration functions such as new hire on-boarding, open enrollment, COBRA, Section 125, and municipal health care/ transport program administration
  • Implementation of plans that reduce costs via employee accountability reinforced with customized ongoing employee education pieces
  • Evaluations and best practices necessary to asses and develop leaders and identify potential productivity delays during integration  
  • Deployment of Private Exchanges, Associations, and PEOs that provide employees with cost effective options while reducing the employer’s administrative burden and benefit spend 

Human Capital Management

Craford’s Human Capital Management (HCM) capabilities and talent focused perspectives are well suited to address the complex needs of private equity firms and organizations with a portfolio business model. Our services begin during diligence and morph into portfolio optimization projects that add value through all stages of an investment including sale.

Our HCM diligence not only accesses the people related risk/impact of a proposed transaction, but it prepares people for change, uncovers the value and contributions of existing employees, and can help avoid productivity delays during integration. Management talent assessments and an inventory of human resource transition challenges are key components of our product.

Craford’s ongoing change related HCM services are designed to continually improve organizational effectiveness and productivity with the ultimate goal of increasing financial performance. Our internal capabilities include:

  • Cultural and multi-generation strategies, training, and coaching
  • Strategic planning
  • Leadership development
  • Leadership assessment
  • Executive coaching
  • Compensation analysis and planning
  • Succession planning
  • Mergers and acquisitions planning
  • Employee communications

Health and Welfare Consulting

Craford has the technical and product expertise to deliver a robust service package that is detailed in the Health and Welfare Consulting portion of this web site. Experience has shown that PE firms and organizations with a portfolio business model tend to find the most value in the following services:

  • Health care reform / legislative compliance
  • Audits and impact studies to ascertain risk
  • Ongoing education, ERISA attorney access/support
  • Planning and strategy to avoid potential fines and penalties
  • Implementation of plans that reduce costs via employee (EE) accountability, reinforced with customized ongoing EE education /communications
  • Financial and vendor management
  • Renewal strategy and negotiations, combined with rate, contribution and plan design analysis
  • Bid solicitation, evaluation and new plan implementation
  • Benchmarking

Employee Benefit and Human Capital Diligence

Benefit and human capital due diligence conducted correctly not only assesses current and future risk to the potential buyer, but helps ensure the integration of the acquired organization proceeds smoothly, rapidly and, most importantly, cost-effectively. Our reports and exhibits are thorough and written in ways which provide an in-depth understanding of the current program and high-level human capital issues and incorporate recommendations for reducing cost and seamless integration post-close. Other aspects include:

  • One transactional Craford contact
  • Review and prompt feedback of lender/purchase/sale and transition agreements as they pertain to benefits and employee matters
  • Legislative and health care reform compliance evaluation and financial impact analysis
  • Concise and customizable charts that provide current and projected budgets
  • Benchmarking of benefit levels, contributions and net costs
  • Suggestions with estimated savings for post close benefit/vendor/funding modifications and administrative/organizational efficiencies
  • Integration of acquired employees into post close benefit program, vendor selection/ implementation, employee communications, and open enrollment assistance
  • Key man placement
  • Management talent assessment
  • Inventory of human resource transition challenges
  • Carve out implementation

Carve Out Implementation

In the event that an organization purchases a portion of an existing company it may be necessary to set-up a new benefit program in a very short period of time. Craford has the experience and expertise to analyze the market and recommend a solution that is cost effective yet minimizes work for the portfolio company staff and disruption to the employee population. Once the right vendors have been selected Craford has a proven track record of successfully implementing a new benefits program within tight timeframes.

By working with clients all over the country Craford has developed strong relationships with the insurance market from coast to coast. By understanding the national marketplace we can quickly recommend the ideal solutions for our clients and then successfully implement those solutions by leveraging established relationships. Our clients experience lower costs and stronger representation from insurance vendors based on the relationships we have established.

In addition, part of our carve-out services includes implementation of a full benefits administration solution that eliminates the need for the new company to have full infrastructure in place post-acquisition. This affords the acquirer additional time to adequately assess the needs of the organization knowing that employee issues are being addressed and administrative tasks are being handled on a day-to-day basis.