Outsourced Benefits Administration

The Technology Solutions and Services team at Craford Benefit Consultants has provided clientele a full suite of benefit administration and human resource self-service and support services since 1996. We employ a national team of seasoned HR and benefits professionals who internally configure systems, provide direct client management, and offer call center support. We work with our clients as an extension of the HR and benefits departments to analyze the current organizational workflow. We then implement a solution which streamlines and automates the cumbersome benefits administration functions. Craford maintains best-in-class technology to supply the paramount solution for our clients, utilizing web-based communication platforms and online enrollment.

Benefits Administration

By virtual integration, we maintain two ASP technology platforms to best match our client’s needs and address cost constraints. We take a soup-to-nuts approach to the employees’ life cycle. Utilizing our communication platform, we take the opportunity to onboard the employee with access to online resources, forms, interactive tools, and customized tours. We will conduct new hire and benefit tours to familiarize the employee base with the comprehensive benefit package our client offers. As our system is rules-based, we are able to customize communications by division, location, country, and individual offering. We will take advantage of the tools on the communication platform to educate and continually train employees whenever they interact with the call center. These steps help create greater employee self-sufficiency and continually increase workforce productivity.

We have a special services team that will manage the implementation of your system once your go-live date is met. Information is continually exchanged between our technology solutions group, our consulting team and the carriers in order to alleviate the internal resource burden of our clients. We consider ourselves an extension of your HR and benefit department and provide you with an ongoing client management team that will support your technology and communication needs.

Eligibility Management

Our technology provides electronic feeds to all health & welfare plan carriers. Interfaces are 834 HIPAA compliant and may be sent daily, weekly, or monthly. In addition, we program bi-directional interfaces for the payroll and HRIS systems to ensure accurate updates and changes to deductions.

Employee Resource Center

Craford offers multiple forms of web-based tools which offer basic to advanced administration solutions. These tools provide information as a basic employee resource center or scale to capture online open enrollment, online total compensation statements, as well as providing benefit summary statements during enrollments, electronic feeds to carriers, uploading of enrollment and payroll deductions direct to HRIS/Payroll systems. In addition, select tools offer a premium billing module and extensive reporting capabilities

Online Benefit Enrollment

Clients have access to both online and live multi-lingual call center resources to complete online enrollment, make life status event changes, update beneficiary information, and administer pended life insurance. We use in-house staff to provide this call center support and multi-lingual resources.

Customized Premium Billing and Reconciliation

Our premium billing administration services consolidate carrier bills into a self-administered process and automation, auditing on a monthly basis any changes against our eligibility database, and providing our clients with one summary bill to pay. In turn, Craford remits payment to the respective health & welfare carriers.

COBRA Administration

We utilize an integrated software solution for all COBRA administration management and reporting. Through this tool, we are able to track and monitor COBRA eligibility and to ensure timely communication, plan selections, and payment status. We provide robust monthly reporting, including voucher and premium statements, cash receipts journal, and participant election status. Additionally, employees may access our call center Monday thru Friday, 7:30 am – 5:00 pm PST, to address any concerns they have regarding their COBRA eligibility and premium remittance.

Multilingual Call Center

Craford takes pride in our multi-lingual call center application. Our seasoned HR and benefit professionals are adept at accessing the appropriate information, providing tools to the employee base, and researching and resolving the issues that often arise with the employee population. We measure call and transaction volume on a monthly basis, taking into account peak flows and staffing appropriately ahead of time. Additionally, we conduct spot surveys to assess the quality of the employee experience. Craford will position the call center to your employee base as an extension of the HR and benefit department.

We provide reports of call volume levels and types of calls, segmenting them as necessary to help our clients analyze the information. The analysis supports appropriate actions to encourage greater use of the employee resource center, online services, the call center, and ultimately to inform the program design process. Our aim is to alleviate the burden on in-house HR staff of daily benefits inquiries and ensure an even better informed health & welfare strategy execution.

Our communication and enrollment platforms allow access to customized HR and benefit information, including specific forms and policies, which our benefit service center representatives also access. This provides for one clear and consistent message and minimizes confusion for the employees.

Custom Surveys

Craford has the ability to design and deliver customized on-line survey solutions for our clients, including employee satisfaction surveys, in depth benefit surveys, state of the company feedback surveys, training program effectiveness surveys, client satisfaction surveys, company scorecard surveys, etc.

Total Compensation Statements

Craford can provide both the basic and advanced versions of the total rewards statements. These statements will be accessible on-line or in print format to best meet the needs of the employee population. With our confidential total rewards statements, the client can provide employees with an in-depth, personalized snapshot of their total compensation and rewards, including salary, incentive payments, the value of your benefits program, 401(k), stock and pension plans and much, much more.

Employees may view their statements online through our communication platform (the employee resource center), or in print form. All resources are internal to Craford or are contracted directly by Craford for the project management of the total rewards statement design and initial set-up.

Change Management

One of the top challenges facing our clients is managing change in their organizations. Craford Benefit Consultants offers progressive and hands on consulting in the areas of identifying those factors that lead companies to change. Organizational dynamics are reviewed and action plans are jointly developed to lead organizations through the defined stages of change management.

Custom Analytics and Reporting

High performing companies view and manage their employee benefit program as an investment – not an expense. To maximize the value of their investment, high-performing companies depend on a consistent and meaningful set of data and relationships to support their decision-making process. Craford understands this! One of our firm’s core competencies is data analysis. Our consultants, actuaries, and technical analysts have the data-mining experience and state-of-the-art data modeling tools to support a disciplined and rigorous data-driven decision process.

The outline below summarizes the analytic and reporting support typically provided to Craford clients.

Phase I – Establish Objectives and Guiding Principles
Defining your destination and the guiding principles to getting there is the critical first step toward mapping a strategic course for improvement. The Craford Program Benefit Audit compliments this process with a detailed and objective framework of information. The results of the Program Benefit Audit include:

A detailed inventory of your benefit programs, enrollment, and costs (gross and net)

Phase II – Mapping A Course for Improvement
Once the client’s guiding principles and objectives have been defined, Craford will take a deep dive into your data to map a risk and clinical health profile of your employee population. The profile becomes the baseline framework for analyzing and quantifying various course solutions.

  • Risk profile of employee population
  • Proposed strategies and options for improvement
  • Financial and ROI assessment of each strategy (expectations)

Phase III – Staying on Course
Once a course has been set, Craford will utilize and implement the necessary navigational and reporting tools to measure and monitor the performance of the selected strategy. Our tools will not only measure program performance, but will also identify emerging trends.

  • Identify metrics that will be used to measure performance
  • Establish a dashboard and key performance indicator (KPI) reports for client
  • Populate baseline measures for which performance will be measured
  • Populate target / expected measures