Major Food Processing Chain

Leading Food Processing Company Saves an Estimated $301,000 as a Result of TPA Change and Dependent Audit

A leading snack food manufacturer with plants throughout the Northeastern United States has 640 employees and was looking to change their broker relationship.


The growing cost of healthcare coverage, managing the enrollment of large dependent populations and stuggling with a lack-luster Third Party Administrator (TPA), management was growing unhappy with their broker recommendations.


Craford advised and conducted a full Health and Welfare marketing with emphasis on TPAs.  After being appointed as the clients broker, reviewing the benefit approval process for new hires and life status changes, Craford determined that a dependent eligibility audit was necessary.  With the engagement of an outside audit firm conducting a full-scale dependent audit, eligibility definitions were revised and the process for adding dependents to the plan was revamped.


As a result of Craford’s Health & Welfare marketing, a new TPA was implemented with a projected cost savings of $196,000.  Also increasing the size of the provider network, the employees’ out of pocket costs were reduced.  The completion of the dependent audit yielded projected cost savings of $105,000, and a new documentation process was implemented for dependents of new hires and life status changes.