Leading Resturant Chain


Headquartered in Texas, this restaurant chain has over 103 restaurants in nine states. With over 1400 employee and 700 employees enrolled on their benefits programs Craford’s benefits consulting group has facilitated management of a 4.5 million dollar annual benefits budget since 2006.

When spun off from their parent company, they had no corporate infrastructure. In order to focus on their core competencies, they made the decision to outsource their administrative Human Resources and financial functions to a third party partner. Late in 2007, poor results led them to take finance in house and move the benefits eligibility and administration to Craford’s Technology Solutions and Services team.


With 103 locations with an average of 35 employees per location. With extremely high turnover, a challenging demographic and de-centralized Human Resources administration. This leading restaurant required assistance with communicating and managing their complex benefits program. The challenges they faced in 2006 and 2007 with their TPA led to a qualifications marketing in the benefits administration outsourcing industry to improve overall service, compliance, data integrity, and economic strength.

Craford Services

Craford provided a full suite of benefits administration and Human Resource self-service and support services. Our national team of seasoned HR and Benefits professionals internally configures their systems, provides direct client management, and supports a multi-lingual call center to a very dynamic workforce. We worked with our client as an extension of their HR and Benefits Department to analyze and improve the current organizational workflow. We implemented a solution which streamlined and automated the cumbersome benefits administration function.


Craford maintains best-in-class technology to supply a paramount solution, utilizing web-based communication platforms, online and telephonic enrollment and a multi-lingual call center. This led to a cost-savings of over a quarter of the benefits budget due to a decrease in headcount for the HR, Payroll and IT departments. Further, the employees now experience uniform messaging regarding their benefits programs and the healthcare issues which affect the consumer on a daily basis. Their HR management team relies on Craford for election data which can be trusted and therefore does not result in incorrect premium amounts which affects the overall organizational budget.