Human Capital Management

Craford Benefit Consultants stands out in our ability to provide superior health and welfare consulting because our team understands the unique human resource environment of our clients. Many of our team members are former human resource executives who possess many years in all facets of HR. We are ready to provide specific HR consulting in those areas that drive your business objectives.

Strategic Planning:

At Craford, we work with our clients to develop their strategic plans. We work from the board level down to individual departments. We are skilled at helping our clients envision a desired future, and then to translate this vision into broadly defined goals or objectives and a sequence of steps to achieve them. We incorporate many visual graphic techniques that engage both the left and right brain in a process that is extremely productive…and fun!

Performance Management:

We understand performance management and have consulted with hundreds of companies to understand the unique drivers that make their companies successful. We are skilled at working with our clients to shape their workforce culture and to align organizational objectives with an employee’s goals, skills, and competency requirements. Our emphasis is not only on what an employee does, but how they do it. Making your desired organizational culture a reality is contingent on optimizing your performance management processes. We can work with you to create those processes that drive business success.

Facilitation Services:

Need help facilitating your small or large group events? Craford’s team is certified in advanced facilitation techniques that ensure that your group gatherings are successful. There are many advantages to outside facilitation as it is extremely difficult for a group member to be both a facilitator and a participant. In addition, our team knows the methods of facilitation to bring out the most creative ideas and to break the roadblocks that can hinder group success.

Strategic HR Consulting:

There are many advantages of engaging Craford Benefit Consultants for your strategic HR consulting needs. Many of our team members are former Human Resource executives who have the experience to guide your HR strategic plans. We have been on your side of the desk and know that even the most successful HR professional needs outside expertise. We are ready to engage with you from project based work to ongoing retained relationships. We will be your HR partners that are invested in the success of your HR organization and are ready to put those people initiatives in place that drive business results. Connect with us so you can speak directly with an HR executive who will understand your needs and put together a solution for you.

Leadership Development:

We help your people become better leaders! Leadership is a skill that can be developed and never has it been more important to focus on these skills than today. Organizations need to achieve maximum benefit from their leadership team. Progressive organizations understand that a competitive advantage can come from within by properly developing their leader talent. Our consultants are certified in a variety of leadership programs from Motivation Techniques to Understanding and Managing Performance Problems. In addition, we can customize any program that meets your specific needs. Speak to a leadership consultant at Craford, and we will design a program or curriculum that will bring you results.

Leadership and Sales Professional Assessments:

Professional assessments help organizations to identify specific leadership practices needed to achieve your organization’s strategic goals. We can identify those leadership and sales behaviors currently in practice within your organization, and measure them against a defined set of criteria to create action and accountability into your leadership and sales development roles. Along with the assessments, Craford provides executive coaching to interpret the data and to provide professional development plans. Work with Craford today to develop the power of your leaders and sales professionals.