Guiding Principles

The Integrity You Demand

At Craford, we emphasize mutual respect and honesty in all of our business dealings – not only with our clients, but also with carriers. The result is a level of honesty and integrity that is rare in today’s ever-changing world of benefits consulting. With more than three decades of experience, we are able to offer our clients the rewards of this enduring commitment to quality. More importantly, at every stage of the consulting process we remain focused on the central purpose of benefits planning: to honor the needs of the individual while supporting the goals of the organization.

Depth of Knowledge

As a Craford client, every stage of benefits consulting and planning, from plan design and pricing to program implementation and administration, reflects our extensive knowledge of the market and our years of experience. Strong communication skills are a must in this business, and we bring ours to the table every time we negotiate on behalf of our clients. By clearly articulating needs to key decision makers, we deliver timely, effective results.

Breadth of Choice

If companies remained exactly the same from one year to the next, benefits planning would be simple: put a plan in place, and let it be. But the reality is very different. Complexities such as mergers and acquisitions, shifts in management, employee turnover, economic downturns and rapid growth all require planning that keeps pace with the organization. We work closely with our clients from the start to identify growth patterns, and then offer a range of plans with the resilience to evolve with expected and unexpected changes.

The Attention You Deserve

One quality that distinguishes Craford from the competition is the individualized attention we give to our clients. The first step in our work process is to audit the current benefit and HR model and to identify a starting point to assess the needs and opportunities in that structure. We conduct interviews with key management and employees which allows us to gain a greater understanding of corporate culture. To ensure an accurate fit, we analyze a company’s plan administration capabilities. By taking the time and attention to establish a strong foundation of knowledge in the present, we are in a better position to attend a client’s needs in the future.

Focus on Service

At Craford, we respect every client’s time management issues and provide focused, responsive service. Client managers oversee plans and keep clients informed. Our client services team will address day-to-day needs regarding plan administration.

Pride in Results

There have been many changes in the benefits field since Craford was founded more than five decades ago, but our core values are still very much apparent in the way we work. We are confident our clients find the entire Craford team to be of exceptional quality. Our people are knowledgeable, responsive, and take great pride in delivering results. Together, we are committed to quality and are passionate about our work. We invite you to contact us for a consultation or to discuss your benefits planning needs.