Global Advertising Agency


With over 500 employees, and headquartered in Portland, OR this Global Advertising Agency has a unique company culture driven by creative and dynamic employees.


An intense recruiting environment makes it essential to attract and retain talent. Providing appropriate benefits for all types of employees – administrative, creative and executives is imperative while being able to keep costs down in order to maintain a rich health & welfare program.


By establishing a Core / Buy-Up PPO plan, Craford was able to provide choice to all employees. By appropriately setting employee contributions adverse selection was minimized while keeping costs down.  Enhanced Life & Disability benefits were critical to retain key employees.  Aggressive vendor negotiations and analysis of appropriate reinsurance levels helped to minimize exposure.


As a result the client had a year-over-year cost increase of 1% during the past six years with a savings of $2 million in 2009 based on lower compounded trend.  They secured enhanced benefit levels on Medical, Life and Disability and no deductible, coinsurance or copay increases during this time.  HR was able to reduce it’s time spent on managing the benefits program, allowing for greater focus on other strategic initiatives.